Unvented Hot Water Systems

Unvented hot water systems offer a number of benefits over traditional hot water systems, including better water pressure, quicker recovery times and smaller storage requirements.

Benefits of an Unvented Hot Water Systems
Whereas traditional hot water systems comprises of a large tank of cold water in the loft and a copper hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard, a unvented hot water systems employs a sole cylinder to provide hot water to the entire house - reducing your storage needs.

Furthermore, as a unvented hot water system takes it water supply directly from the incoming mains (rather than a tank in the roof) hot water pressure is consistently high throughout the house which can be especially beneficial for those who have low pressure showers installed in their homes.

Hot water recovery time is a lot quicker, generally an unvented hot water system takes 20 minutes to heat up enough water required for a shower - much quicker than a standard system.

Once your system has been installed, we will provide you with a short tutorial, demonstrating how to use the system and how to best maximise fuel efficiency for your particular system. All unvented hot water systems come with a manufacturers guarantee, which can vary from 10 years to 25 years, depending on the type of system installed.

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