Underfloor Heating Systems

Installing a modern underfloor heating system in your home provides an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and pleasant way to heat your home.

Ideal for traditional homes, new builds, conversions and restorations, underfloor heating systems are extremely flexible and can be adapted depending on the type of flooring you have.

As the image above shows, a modern underfloor heating system is installed by carefully installing pipes below the surface of the floor - the heat source is provided using the same boiler that would have previously provided your radiators with hot water. Each room the system is installed in comes with its own thermostat, making the temperature of living areas very controllable, and tailored the requirements of your household.

What are the benefits of an underfloor heating system?
An underfloor heating system has many benefits over a traditional, radiator heated house. The removal of unsightly radiators from walls provides living spaces with more space and a cleaner feel. Whilst the even layout of the heating system under the floor provides an even distribution of heat throughout the room (no more cold spots!) rather than the uneven distribution of heat from a single radiator point. Moreover, the way this heat is provided from below with warmer feet and cooler air on the face is much more comfortable for the body. And with your heating system buried under the floor, old clunky radiator noise is a thing of the past.

Underfloor heating also has a number of additional benefits - for example, the reduced moisture content in your home as a result of an underfloor heating system that can make a big difference to sufferers of asthma and other breathing complications - as well as having an additional benefit of reducing the risk of dust mites and other unwanted effects of damp homes such as moisture stains on the walls.

Economically, underfloor heating systems are a much more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating your home. Whilst most modern radiators run at at a heat of 80c, a modern underfloor heating system will run at a 45-65c, which will warm the floor to a temperature of around 25-28c. Depending on your home, this can result in a significant saving on your energy bill - as much as 40% in some cases.

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